What is digitization and what does it mean? In my opinion, digitization is the solution to get the most out of the change: we recognize it, observe it effectively, measure it, thereby even becoming able to predict the future and thus increase transparency, measurability, and efficiency within our organization.

MIPIM is not just a simple exhibition and conference, but an important meeting place where professionals can get to know each other and build the relationships that can be the keys to their business success in the future, which is why it is so important that technology companies also play a role in the exhibition, at the lectures. Last week we were at this show with ProptechZoom and 4 other proptech companies: Beyond Visual, Orthograph, Roominnovation and Sigtree exhibited at one of the biggest real estate events in the world.

I went to the Lisbon conference full of expectations, which is one of the largest technology conferences in the world, with more than 71,000 participants from 160 countries, 1,000 speakers, 2,300 startups and 1,000 investors. Even saying these numbers is a lot, let alone standing in line at the entrance for an hour in the morning. It felt a bit like the coronavirus never existed, endless queues, huge tumult, and apart from one or two Far Eastern startups, no one was wearing a mask at all.

The next period in the life of the real estate market will pose very serious challenges, the changing market environment, the changed demands caused by the coronavirus, rising energy prices, stagnant or declining economic indicators and the shock caused by intraday exchange rate changes will force the market players to continuously renew themselves, it cannot be the real estate market is already inflexible, it is time to prepare our organization for the change.

Proptech Hungary organized a conference on the present and future of digitalization in the real estate market, where, in the presence of more than 210 participants, international and domestic specialists presented and drew attention to the potential inherent in various technologies. The organizer, Zoltán Kalmár, the founder of, started intensively dealing only with the proptech topic half a year ago, according to his claim, the timeliness of the topic has really arrived.

Smart buildings operating with artificial intelligence and knowing everything are still a long way off, based on this week's online Protector event about the present and future of digitalization in the real estate market. Zoltán Kalmár, founder of ProptechZoom, and Tibor Massányi, managing partner of DVM group, evaluated it in connection with a proptech conference in London, mainly with examples focused on office buildings.

On May 25, we organized Proptech Hungary. 3.0 conference, Master Nándor was also present at the event representing Privátbankár and he wrote a comprehensive analysis of the market. I believe that is the missing link that will form a bridge between the real estate market and technology companies, thereby helping the digital transformation of the Hungarian real estate market and the development of proptech companies.

Digitization is increasingly coming to the fore in most real estate companies, in the past six months many construction or development companies have made great efforts to be responsible for technological innovation within the company. Proptechzoom's analysis reveals that the sector needs education in order to keep up with the latest innovations and to be able to use the various achievements effectively, and the Proptech Hungary Conference also offers this opportunity.

The Hungarian real estate market has enormous potential in terms of digitalization. To take advantage of this, Hiventures, a member of the MFB Group, and ProptechZoom, which is building a digital real estate market ecosystem, launched an incubation program specifically embracing the property technology sector. At the end of the program, the teams chosen as the best can present themselves to the profession at the Proptech Hungary Conference, where, in addition to international digitization specialists, domestic TECH influencers and entrepreneurs will also present themselves.

The crisis situation caused by rising energy prices worldwide may give another boost to the proptech sector. However, in addition to cost reduction, technological solutions increase efficiency, contribute to sustainability, and even hide alternative income opportunities - said, which conducted a comprehensive analysis of the present and future of the digital real estate sector by interviewing players in the proptech sector.

On June 7/8, the PropTech Hackathon organized by the group will be held on the topic of smart city, smart office and smart home. At the unique, 24-hour event, digital developments related to the real estate market, revolutionary novelties, or even ideas that seem crazy at first can be developed and presented.

According to Graphisoft, further technological developments in the construction industry are hindered by the lack of knowledge of digital tools among Hungarian professionals. Last year, 3,899 technical graduates graduated from Hungarian universities, but none of them received BIM specialized training, even though they are specifically sought after by Hungarian construction companies and design offices.