I started a proptech startup,, 17 years ago. At that time, the term proptech did not even exist, and even the word startup did not spread in Hungary, but the point was: we managed to create things that preceded their age and innovated the market.

Since then, a lot has changed: digitization has become part of our everyday lives. The digital transformation of the real estate market is no longer an option, it is evolving with us, but we have an impact on how fast it happens, how quickly we respond to certain changes, and whether we have the tools to respond to make a choice.

We are an agile and industry-specialized company that is constantly researching the latest technologies, focusing on people-centered digital transformation and trying to engage the entire real estate market with a focus on sustainability throughout.

Digitization lags behind the Hungarian real estate market compared to the neighboring countries, but comparing e.g. the domestic fintech industry, which is affected by the digital transformation of the banking sector, is also lagging behind.



Building a proptech ecosystem to support the digital transformation, ProptechZoOm aims to educate real estate market players and help digital solutions spread faster. We cooperate with the proptech organizations of the markets of the surrounding countries, especially the Central and Eastern European region, the largest professional associations in the domestic real estate market, the domestic real estate companies and we are constantly researching the latest proptech companies.


We are constantly analyzing the digital trends that have the greatest impact on the Hungarian real estate market and try to share these lessons with market participants. Our intention is to educate the real estate market about these trends and connections, so that we can disseminate these collected data as widely as possible. We are looking for partners who support or are receptive to innovation in order to help the development of the domestic ecosystem together.

There are more and more innovative and interesting answers to the technological challenges of real estate, and the term proptech has gained ground in the last 5 years. I want to be part of this “revolution” more and more, to digitize the real estate market. We started this education as early as 4 years ago, as in 2018 we were the first in the region to organize the region’s first Proptech conference. Later, we searched for the latest ideas and companies as part of the Proptech Hackathon. The goal of Proptech ZoOm is not only to support the market, but to see talented young people, humble professionals, sparks, potential start-ups, and to help these values ​​as a kind of cohesion force.

Outside of the conference, I have been teaching proptech at the Department of Real Estate Management at CORVINUS University for 3 years now, in order to pass on to young people the experiences and thoughts that have been expressed in me recently.

Let's grow together!

Zoltán Kalmár