The concept of work and jobs is radically changing nowadays, which is naturally revolutionizing the entire real estate market as well as its digitalization. Yet due to the inflexibility of the market, it can only respond very slowly to these challenges.

The coronavirus has changed the market, accelerating processes that have long since begun. I believe that in 10 years from now, almost all newly built buildings will be smart, furthermore the “smartening” of older buildings has already begun.


With the acceptance and generalization of the home office, office buildings need to adapt to current territorial changes, and technology helps in many ways, as we need measurable and comparable data to make serious decisions quickly. It is only in its early stages in the real estate market: real time data collection, selection, categorization, AI and predictions from data, there is a lot to learn from tech companies in this area.

With the development and general acceptance of BIM, huge opportunities have opened up after implementation in the field of FM or PM.

The widespread use of real estate portals and (mainly) the shrinking of housing agencies will shift the focus of supply, make the market much more heterogeneous, but there is still great potential to support agents with digital tools to help their work.

An interesting option is which service provider will become the aggregator in the office building, as there are now different applications for different problems, which help the work of operators, property managers, but there is really a huge opportunity in this when they connect and form aggregated data.

Many processes can be accelerated, optimized with the help of digitization, there are more and more solutions that can be used to create new products, solutions and even technology is evolving, I am very curious when bitcoin or other virtual currency will be real currency and when it becomes widespread in the real estate market.


There are plenty of opportunities, almost every day a new solution pops up in the international media, startups, I monitor these areas and many other digital changes, I watch to provide up-to-date and valuable advice.


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