Proptech Hungary Conference 2023

If a market is changing, the value of digital solutions will increase, measurability, monitoring of ESG criteria, controllability of energy systems, the use of real-time visual data tables and people within the organization who understand how to interpret these data will be essential. However digitization does not mean that we start using Proptech companies and solutions, rather it is a development process, a holistic change of attitude, in which the entire organization must be changed, starting with the individual, and dare to make mistakes in order to be able to effectively implement various technological solutions in the long term.

We are organizing Proptech Hungary Conference for the fourth time because the market has changed, it is no longer a question of whether companies use proptech solutions, but how to use them effectively, which solution to choose, how to use these effectively on a long term and how can they combine it other solutions. This year the energy crisis was in focus, so the power of the FM companies and energetics experts. 

The digital transformation of the real estate market has already begun, more and more smart devices are being integrated into real estate, community services (offices, parking, work desks) are spreading, more and more companies are designing in BIM and equipping their properties with various IoT devices, which are all measurability , they guide us in the direction of efficiency.

We will come up with topics such like this, because we would like to be the major education platform in proptech. I love sharing views, speak with innovative thinkers because I believe that through sharing we both thriving and helping each other.

The main sponsor of the event is DVM Group and Dome Facilty Group for second year in a row.

If you would like to register to the event with early bird tickets go to, you could do it till 31st of March.

If you come to our event you will meet the following companies as exhibitors:

- Adlatus

- Archviz visualizaton

- AV Spring

- B Grid

- Beyond Visual

- Buildext

- Invensol 

- Metaport 

- Orthograph

- Realpad

- REC n GO

- Sigtree