If you're interested in this site or what I am doing, you’re struggling with similar issues, you think I could help, or you just want to have a nice chat about the digital changes and opportunities taking place in the real estate market, do not hesitate to contact me!


Why am I doing all this?




...I love the nature of the property (both residential or commercial) so that it can take years between planning and delivering, while market conditions are continously changing and you have to plan everything in advance

... I am looking for innovation, new things, I like to meet new people because I believe that I can learn from anyone, my goal is to get to know the leading real estate startups in the CEE region to help the real estate market move forward, develop

... with my experience and special knowledge, I support angel investors, venture capital funds to make a relevant and prudent decision in the real estate market as well. ... I love to help and am constantly looking for new opportunities 


I am always open to meeting open-minded, innovative people.


Kalmár Zoltán

Proptech Strategic Expert